Center Stage Costumes

When it comes to making your grand entrance, pirate stage costumes can create a real stir. Whether you are performing in a play, playing in a rock band with a pirate theme or just dressing up for Halloween, the right costume makes the audience sit up and take notice. From luxurious fabrics to the trademark accessories of pirate lore, the feisty and bold pirate persona is enjoyable whether you are a man or a woman.

Pirates from around the world exhibited different styles and accessories in their costumes, many of which are incorporated into the pirate look of today. If you have some sewing skills you can pick up one of these sewing machines and sew your own costumes. If not you might want to hit up your local costume store. On stage, a prop such as a wooden leg or an eye-patch immediately suggests a rusty, lusty, seafaring pirate with stories to tell. Scarves, silk pantaloons, gold hoop earrings, stripes and lace-up blouses also help reveal that romantic pirate spirit. And do not forget the pirate hat, usually black and three-pointed, sometimes embellished with a skull and crossbones, and always bold.

Several important details help create the look for a pirate stage costume. Do not forget the hat, and, most importantly, that gruff and growling sailor spirit.