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Captain Kidd's Trial and Hanging

Captain Kidd's trial and hanging are popular historical events that the English often enjoy retelling. Given charges of both murder and piracy, Captain Kidd's life ended by hanging. The mysterious aspects surrounding both his trial and hanging are still points of discussion as individuals attempt to understand why Captain Kidd was executed, and what he could have possibly done to prevent this from occurring.

Captain Kidd's trial

Caught in Boston, Massachusetts, Captain Kidd was turned in by an investor, Bellomont. Bellomont did not want to criminalize himself by refusing to turn in the pirate. As a result, he had Captain Kidd arrested. Kidd's torturous imprisonment led him to temporary insanity before he was given access to two lawyers. Although both lawyers toiled very hard to have Captain Kidd acquitted, he was found guilty on a total of six counts. Historians claim that Captain Kidd was not aware of the murder count prior to the actual trial.

Captain Kidd's hanging

The execution of Captain Kidd was an immediate failure at first. Condemned to hanging in London, the first attempt did not succeed. Instead, the rope broke and did not inflict harm. After the second try, Captain Kidd was successfully executed. His body was taken down and displayed in an iron cage according to how pirates were treated during this time period. His body was meant to deter other pirates from staying in their criminal lifestyles.

Captain Kidd's trial and hanging was unlike any other occurrence throughout history. Condemned to death for acts of piracy and murder, Captain Kidd was hung and displayed throughout London. Whether he was unjustly executed or rightly so, Captain Kidd is an important figure in English history.

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