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Common Style Elements of a Pirate Frock Coat

The costume element that separates a pirate captain from his cabin boy is a frock coat. Frock coats are similar to a formal suit coat, designed to be worn over the top of a complete outfit. There are several important elements to a frock coat that add to its overall appearance. These details can turn a good costume into a replica of any of the famous pirates.


Pirate frock coats should have wide cuffs that are heavily decorative. The cuffs are typically made of a color that starkly contrasts with and complements the main color of the coat. The cuffs should also have decorative elements. Sew on stripes of gold braid and gold buttons for a complete look.

Wide Lapels

The coat should have wide lapels and a pointed collar. The lapels are traditionally made of a contrasting color and run the full length of the jackets front. Like the cuffs, the lapels are commonly decorated with gold braid and buttons.


An authentic frock coat should run long in both the front and the back. The back is split for ease of movement and may also have tails. The traditional length for a pirate frock coat is mid-thigh so that it shows about a six inch section of pant above the pirate's tall leather boots.

Pairing a good pirate frock coat with knee high boots, a pair of tights and a hat can make an excellent pirate costume for any occasion. Remember that a pirate frock coat by definition is flashy, so add as much color as possible. Select bright colored materials and metallic trims.

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