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Design Features of a Pirate Captain's Coat

A pirate captain's coat has very distinctive features, such as a vent flap in the back, large turned back cuffs, a double buttoned front, braid trim and more. When considering the features of such a coat, one word comes to mind: opulent. This is because a pirate captain looks upon his clothing and especially his coat as a mark of his status.


Materials used in pirate captains' coats range from silks and velvets to the costliest brocades. Generally, the captain favors whatever was the best material he could afford. Pirate captains love to flaunt British sumptuary laws, so black and red velvet are popular colors.


A captain's coat most often featured a double buttoned front that does not actually button; the buttons are instead for decoration. Such buttons are most often fashioned from metals, such as silver, bronze and copper. They are the best the captain can afford, and the number featured on the coat is another mark of his wealth. These buttons run down both sides of the coat front and on the cuffs.


Trims for captains' coats consist of metallic braids, lace and more. They are useful to trim lapels, cuffs, pockets and the edges of the coat itself. Lace woven of gold or silver threading is expensive and generally reserved for the noble class, but pirates love them as well. Epaulets are fringed shoulder decorations that are popular on military uniforms, and so pirates adopt their use too.

Cuffs and pockets

Large cuffs of a contrasting fabric adorn the sleeves of noblemen, royalty and pirate captains. These cuffs help to demonstrate wealth and prove that the captain is not held to the same laws that govern land-loving folk. The large pockets of a captain's coat easily conceal weapons or rum bottles. The pockets have large decorative flaps that add to the flamboyance of the coat and hide a multitude of indiscretions.

Pirates are a dashing lot. They take their fashion sense, as well as their riches, from the noble class. They mark their status in clothing and love to flaunt the opulence of fine attire.

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