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How to Tie a Pirate Bandana

Pirates have broken into pop culture with a mighty "Arrr!" and have deservedly muscled their way into our hearts. No pirate outfit is complete without some headgear and the pirate bandana is the perfect finishing touch.

  1. First: Pick your poison

    Choose the right material for your bandana to look the part of the scurvy pirate. An authentic look is achievable with some rough-cut canvas that is frayed on the edges. Other materials work too; pick the appropriate fabric for your pirate outfit to appear fierce and dashing!

  2. Second: Apply bandana to braincase

    Start by placing your chosen bandana on a flat surface in front of you. Your bandana should resemble a diamond when it is laid out. Fold the bottom corner of the bandana upwards towards the top corner, placing the bottom corner about 2 inches below the top corner. Now take hold of the left and right corner of the bandana and bring it up to your forehead. The bottom edge of the bandana should sit slightly above your eyebrows. The top corner should now flop over your head and come to rest near the back of your neck. Tie the left and right corners together in a simple knot at the back of your head, then tuck the top corner underneath the knot. If you are so inclined, you can cock your bandana to one side so the knot is on the left or right side of your head. You are now prepared to board the enemy ship and plunder their gold doubloons!

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