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Parts of an Authentic-Looking Pirate Costume

Learn how to piece the parts of an authentic looking pirate costume together to form the best costume anyone has ever seen.

Upper body flash

By sticking with the classic archetype you are sure to make the right impression. Puffy sleeves, ruffled front and dingy all over. Choosing both a ruffled front and puffy sleeves is overdoing it, so go with one or the other, but make sure it is dingy. Authentic is never clean so make sure to dirty it up. Soaking a white shirt in coffee gives the proper dingy appearance to an otherwise white shirt. Vests are also a great complement to the shirt. Pick your poison when it comes to the style of vest as a hodgepodge costume has a more authentic look. Dark colors are typically appropriate with patches of bright color here and there.

Lower body style

Pantaloons for everyone! Puffed out baggy pants is another one of those where you should only pick one and stick with it. So if your shirt is already ruffled or puffed, go with either a pair of long shorts or some trousers. Shorts are appropriate with a belt made of rope and trousers are more dependent on the overall style you are trying to achieve. If the classy pirate captain is your goal, a gaudy leather belt with complementing buckle does the trick.

Shoes or lack thereof

If you are a poor pirate soul recently recruited from the dockside tavern, shoes are the least of your worries! Otherwise if you are the trouser wearing sort, there are a variety of boots to choose from. Thigh high and knee high boots are all appropriate, while some styles of thigh high boots you can fold down to create a large cuff around knee height. Buckles in particular are a frequent theme.

Do not forget your head

Use eye patches, tricorne hats and bandanas with your costume. The richer the pirate you are, the more ornate the hat should appear. Feathers are a particularly good accompaniment to the costume, and are used to tie colors together to create a unified appearance.

Your authentic pirate costume should appear dingy. Choose somewhere among the spectrum of rich to poor, and season your outfit to taste.

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