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Pirate Hat Styles

So you want to look like a pirate, now what? Well, besides a boat, the most important thing you must have before setting sail on the high seas is the right hat. There are several options for piratical headgear in the world and choosing the right one is crucial. Since the pirate hat sets the tone for the pirate outfit, not to mention the entire pirating career, choosing the right hat is sometimes stressful. Never fear, however, discovering the right hat is much easier once you know what style you want to wear.

The bicorn hat

Favored by pirate captains around the globe, the bicorn hat boasts two points and a high crown. With plenty of room in the points for feathery plumes, the high crown is the perfect spot to emblazon the skull and crossbones.

The tricorn hat

Another popular style is the tricorn hat, which is characterized by three points. Like the bicorn hat, the points provide the ideal location for drooping feathers. This style of hat is also often adorned with lace and any other eye catching bit of frippery a pirate can find.

The headscarf

Last, but not least, is the headscarf. Most commonly worn by the members of a pirating crew, this is the simplest of all pirate headgear as any colorful bandana is easily used to great effect. Some pirate captains are known to wear a headscarf underneath their tricorn or bicorn hats.

Assuming you managed to read this without letting your headgear induced anxiety get the better of you, you should now have the knowledge to successfully choose the best style of pirate hat to grace your head as you embark on your pirating adventures.

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