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Pirate Socks in Today's Fashion

Fashion for women today is sometimes questionable, but it often serves a purpose beyond a man's amusement. Women often dress for other women as they compete with each other; however, some are competing for a man's attention. This competition can introduce things like pirate socks to a woman's wardrobe essentially because they have a lot of sex appeal. Of course, they serve other functions.

Sexy pirates

Knee-high socks, such as pirate socks, are reminiscent of lingerie stockings. Therefore, they are considered sexy regardless of their patterns, such as horizontal stripes or raggedness. Because they draw attention to the more scandalous parts of the legs, they are often popular. They are not as flattering as sheer or lace stockings, but on Halloween they are very appropriate. Even in movies or on stage, pirate stockings are transformed from a long sock into a mysterious leg ornament.

Halloween and theatre pirates

The pirate ensemble paired with pirate socks can create a highly attractive look; however, this is usually exclusive to the performance or event. If a female were to dress as a pirate daily, the look of poor hygiene would drive any male away. The pirate look is meant for a flair for sexiness, not dirtiness.

Cutely warm

Of course, knee-high socks are a lighter alternative to leggings or sweatpants if a female wishes to don a short skirt or dress. In this sense, the pirate socks are considered conservative; however, their patterns often keep them edgy enough to entice the wearer and her audience.

Pirate socks are not exclusive to the stage or on-screen. So long as they are worn appropriately, they are a hot fashion statement that even men can understand.

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