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Styles of the 16th Century Noblemen

In the sixteenth century, a person's style of dress was determined by their class in society. While poorer individuals dressed in simple styles and muted colors, noblemen wore the complete opposite. Wearing flashy and bright clothing was a status symbol in this century, and flashier garments oftentimes indicated a higher social standing. By wearing flashier clothing, the noblemen of this time period were exhibiting their power and wealth to others.

Styles of dress for noblemen

In the sixteenth century, a person's class was easily determined by the style of dress they wore. Noblemen of this period were seen in bright, multicolored garments with embroideries and embellishments, including lace and metallic fabric. Men often wore tights, hoses, doublets and jerkins. For women, common garments included swelling skirts with many layers and a vibrant overskirt. Not only did bright colors bring more attention to the wealthy, it also enabled them to exert their superiority over the lower class simply by their style of dress. In this century, if a person was able to buy brightly colored clothing with many details, they had money and were therefore noblemen in this society.

In today's society, social class can also define itself by the style of dress that individuals wear. Instead of bright and flashy colors, there are brand names and emblems to let others know the quality and cost of clothing that is worn. Although much has changed since the sixteenth century, expressing one's social class with the style of dress is always done, even if unknowingly.

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